Luke Alford

I build websites and applications

Mobile first

Tablets & phones. I build websites for the future, mobile first gives the user everything they need & more. No Templates here, period.

Web Development

Websites are built with many languages, I use HTML, CSS & JS and with 8 years experience I can take care of any front-end development problem.

UX Design & IA

UXD & IA every user deals with, I’m sure you have come to a website that you can’t navigate or the content doesn’t flow, I deal with all this..

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem. Send me a message through my contact page and I’ll help you out. Or Send me an email at any time, from anywhere.


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Previous Clients.

Working with Luke has been a pleasure. Even with extremely tight deadlines we’ve always managed to get the product out on time, and it’s always been a product we can be proud of.
Not with my voteSoftware Developer Grahame Bowland

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